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Our Pet Containment Systems

Pet Stop® of Northwest Connecticut sells and installs the best in underground electric dog fences made by Pet Stop, the most effective, innovative, safest, reliable pet containment system on the market today - the Invisible Fence® alternative. We understand pets are part of the family, and we make their safety our highest priority.

Are you looking for a completely new fence installation? Or possibly an upgrade from an existing Invisible Fence®? If you’re looking for a new transmitter, receiver or simply a replacement battery call or email Pet Stop of Northwest Connecticut today. We offer free in-home estimates.

No two dogs are the same. Only the best is good enough for them. Our systems are easily customizable for any sized dog and we can tailor out training program to meet your needs. This is why we install Pet Stop® containment systems. We invite you to visit our FAQ page to learn more.

Serving the northwestern Connecticut counties of Litchfield and Hartford counties and including West Hartford,  Avon and Simsbury.

5 Reasons Why you should buy your electric pet fence from Ultimate Companion.

Service – The service you receive is important and it really helps to work with people that you trust. You will experience a company that responds quickly to your needs, will solve your problems, and that works hard to create lasting relationships.

Technology – Pet Stop is the ONLY pet containment equipment manufactured and assembled in USA. Combine that with the most innovative and top performing technology available and you will understand why we will provide you and your pet with the most practical and safest solution.

Value – The value that you receive comes down to what you get, compared to what you paid. There are definitely cheap products out there, however we know we provide the best product, best technology, best service, safest training and the ability to solve your problems ... all at an affordable price.

Features – All of the Pet Stop transmitters and receivers we supply use digital technology. This advanced technology allows us to customize and adapt the system to suit you and your pet. This flexibility also allows our product to work with other major brands.

Pet Stop® is the only pet fence manufactured in the USA. They recruited and employed some of the most experienced people in the electric pet fence industry. With an outstanding reputation for making extremely reliable electric pet fence products that leverage cutting edge technology, we know that Pet Stop® is the right product for a permanent pet solution.

Who is Ultimate Companion?

Phil Michaud is the owner of Ultimate Companion dog training and Pet Stop® of Northwest Connecticut.

I have been in the Pet Professional business since 1981. I started working at a kennel learning the art of pet grooming, dog training and the business of management of the kennel.

As the demands of our jobs, careers, family and personal life increase, we have less time for everything… including our pets. I saw a need for a more personal one to one pet service to help people and their pets to cope with these changes.

In 1996 I started Ultimate Companion, which provided private home dog training lessons and also a pet sitting and dog walking service. This enabled people and their pets to have more flexibility within their lifestyle, to continue without stress and anxiety. The in home private dog training lessons provide a customized approach to deal with any and all behavior issues at a time convenient to the pet owner.

In 1999, we started to expand our Pet Professional service with pet containment systems. As our lives have changed, so have our relationship with our pets …they have become our family! We spend more time with them and also demand more from them. The Pet Stop® pet containment system allows us to enjoy our pets more freely indoors and outdoors with safety and protection in mind.

With all my experience training pets, it was an easy fit for our company to offer such a great product to keep your pets safe and happy on our Pet Stop® pet containment system.

We have thousands of pets on our system enjoying the freedom of the outdoors safely that tie-outs and pens cannot provide.

We no longer have our pet sitting service. We are continuing to provide private dog training lessons as well as the Pet Stop® pet containment system. Please call or email for a phone consultation.

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